George Grachis CISA, CISSP What Cyber Criminals Don't Want You To Know. The Book now available on  Amazon  &  Fast Pencil

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This book is written for the millions of computer users throughout the world who are trying to use a computer to accomplish something important to them. It might be at work, school or as a hobby.While the incredible growth of the internet has provided unlimited applications and ways to communicate, bank and shop online; it has also attracted cyber criminals. Cyber criminals use SPAM, Phishing attempts, pop ups and much more of what we call social engineering to trick users into releasing too much information. This has led to a loss of corporate intellectual property, drained bank accounts and millions of compromised personal records.

This book covers all the common pitfalls that trip up unsuspecting users while online. So whether you are 5 or 95, a doctor,lawyer or teacher this book will give you a license to surf safely while online. Take a moment to learn how to be a responsible cyber citizen!

Thank you for letting me share my career experience with you and your family!


I’m an information security analyst for the Brevard Public School District in Viera, Florida. I work with hundreds of adults and students every year who know computers and the internet well but they don’t necessarily know a lot about what it is to be a responsible cyber citizen. Are they to blame? Of course not.My father’s generation created the internet and never could have imagined in a thousand years that the internet would be become what it has become today.What? You never received any cyber security training?Guess what?—kids still don’t today.As a professional who works in education I think it’s time for this to change. Our country’s future economic stability depend on it! 

You may be a teacher, a student, a lawyer, a doctor or a landscaper, just to name a few occupations. You have at least one computer and you are doing a lot of cool things online. You just want to use the internet without being taken advantage of by cyber criminals.You have probably encountered the term Mal-ware,(Malicious Software) at some point. It’s sometimes called a Virus or a Worm depending on how it is transmitted and propagated within a computer system or network. The point is, over time Mal-ware has become quite sophisticated,what started as a prank in the 1980s is now a multi-billion dollar cyber crime industry.

Did you know that you can have all your personal data taken from your computer just by visiting the wrong web site? Should you really open that cute email and send it to 20 people?What was the real purpose for sending it? Was it just the inspiring message or maybe the scenic pictures that you thought were so good? Can you identify an online Scam? Did you know that no computer is immune to cyber attacks?Neither is the Federal Government. In 2009 the $300 billion US joint strike fighter was compromised via the internet! And in 2006 UCLA lost 800,000 student and staff records to a cyber crime gang in another part of the world.

So where do you and being a responsible cyber citizen come in? We have all learned how to drive a car and hopefully we are responsible drivers, at least there is training and a test for drivers of automobiles. What about being a responsible cyber citizen? Can you actually cause our country and yourself to lose thousands of dollars just by not being aware of the dangers that lurk on the internet?

This book covers all the basics from how the internet was never designed for security and privacy to why social networking’s business model did not include it either because with social networks people are the product and security gets in the way. I will also cover the early, what I like to call the tame internet, the 1980s and beyond, the present and untamed internet, how our legal system can’t keep up with technology and finally I will provide a personal action plan to help you slow cyber crime. You can make a difference! Our nation’s economy and our children’s future depend on it! 

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